If you are planning a large event, you might have looked into where to hold it and as well as which caterers might best suit your needs. However, have you also thought about enlisting the services of a professional bar companies like Jabs Bar?  It is not always enough to just hire any random bartender, even if they might be your favorite barkeep from your local dive. Indeed, if you really want to get the most out of this event, you might find it best to hire an entire team of bar professionals. This could include the likes of:

  • bartenders
  • mixologists
  • molecular mixologists
  • flair bartenders
  • sommeliers


Obviously, if you plan to serve alcohol at your event, you are going to want to enlist the services of a professional bartender. Sure, it is true that just about anyone can pour a drink, but professional bartenders also have awareness of laws and regulations and are skilled at customer service, problem service, and multi-tasking in a way that many an amateur would not handle as well.  Professional bartenders provide a safe, clean, friendly, and controlled atmosphere so you can actually enjoy the event.


Bartenders and mixologists are similar in that both should have broad knowledge of beer, wine, spirits, and cocktails.  Mixologists, however, also tend to have a far more extensive knowledge of cocktail recipes. Perhaps more importantly, they are also quite skilled at creating their own recipes to cater to a guest’s preferences, to pair with a food item, or to capture a feeling or season in liquid form.


Taking the mixology skill set even further, molecular mixologists take a scientific approach to making cocktails. They might use food preparation techniques and other scientific strategies to create new drink ideas—and new ways to serve cocktails—that will definitely turn some heads and delight your imagination.


Flair bartenders are part mixologist and part entertainer. Often trained in juggling and other visual performing arts, the flair bartender makes a show out of the drinks they pour.


Known also as a “wine steward,” a sommelier has an extensive knowledge of wine: regions, varietals, vintages, and culture.  For a more sophisticated food-and-wine event, hiring a sommelier will better ensure you have the right wines to drink with the dishes on the menu.