Being foodie doesn’t only means to fill belly the most you can, but actually, it means to be passionate about tasting new and experimentally exotic cuisines from around the world.  Many people these days travel especially to explore the cultural dishes of different countries and their respective culture.  If you are planning to visit Washington DC, let us see what are the ideal places where lip smacking delicacies are served with the utmost presentation.


Marvin, the place specifically famous for a southern cuisine which includes free range country chicken, waffles, shrimps and grits and goat cheese croquettes. Marvin gives the customer, the actual feel of being a Washington DC native. This place was created in memory of legend music artist Marvin Gaye.


From the name itself, it is clear that Rasika means satisfying taste buds or full of rich taste. The Indian restaurant is famous for modern flavors served in Indian style with a delicious taste of cardamom and ginger. This place is frequently visited by top chefs too.

Fig & Olive

Fig & Olive Washington DC is a place famous due to its savory techniques of cooking turning vegetable or meat pieces in mouth watering delicacies. They serve a wide variety of cuisines from breakfast to dinner range as a whole. The Signature crostini of this restaurant is very famous and liked by foodie people.


As the name is interesting, the more interesting is the style of preparing food for people waiting to eat something that they have never tasted in their life. This is one of the most liked places in Washington DC.  They serve large or small appetizers depending upon how hungry the customer is. Their famous recipes include bacon wrapped shrimp and grit, brick oven pizzas, burgers and new York stripes.


If you want to taste something is special, and you have never tasted than probably Oyamel is the right place for you. They serve meat, seafood, and tacos as their most liked dishes. The unique flavoring style makes the food not only look good but taste that one can never imagine.

We all eat food, but how many of us feel the taste. The main point is to think when traveling long why not taste the cultural food which will inevitably become a memory. It is rightly said, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”.