A meat slicer or bread slicer, which are also called a slicing machine, deli slicer or simply a slicer, are a tool used in butcher shops and delicatessens to slice all sorts of different kinds of meats, sausages, cheeses, breads and other deli products. Older models of meat slicer used to be operated by crank, but thanks to newer technologies and modern advancements newer ones generally use an electric motor While the slicer is traditionally a commercial apparatus, domestic use versions are also marketed. So that the in home chef can make use of the slicer themselves. For well over one hundred years Berkel has been making high quality slicers designed to make delis, chefs, and restaurants have the ability to work within the demanding time constraints of the kitchen work environment. Berkel promises you that their slicers can and will make clean smooth cuts. These long lasting products are made to last years in your production line making them some of the best in the industry because of their high quality and reliability. Berkel slicers come in a wide variety of blade sizes, horsepower, speeds, power types, and tray sizes so that you can choose exactly the kind of slicer that will make the most sense for your slicing needs be it a small one that can only handle small jobs or something a little bigger in order to slice an entire ham.

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