Duck is poultry like chicken but duck meat is basically known for it’s fattier skin with juicy darker, gamier meat. This unique taste makes it best when paired a lighter bodied, lightly fruity, with good acidity and some earthiness to it. The wines we are looking to pair with duck must match with the gaminess and the slightly naturally salted meat of duck hence an earthy undertone is best. However, only a few types of meat can be as versatile as duck breast and this heavily affects the choice of your pairing wine. The juicy duck breast in a Wellington with fruit sauces would be best when the fruity flavours are played up and more Fuller wine is employed. While a less aggressive tea smoked duck breast would go best with a red burgundy. Another version of the duck involves spicier and stronger gravy which calls for a wine that offsets like a burly zinfandel.

Now you have our basics, we can get to the best wines to consider with your duck.

The Pinot Noir

The Pinot Noir is a classic pairing not just because it goes great with duck but is really versatile wine that goes with most food. However, when considering a Pinot Noir it’s best to go with a matured bottle for its earthy undertones that go best with the gamey meat. Another slight piece of information when shopping wine is that pinots grown in cooler climates are found to be more earthy and hence better pairs for our duck.

Ferrari Rose Brut

Ferrari is arguably one of the best Italian wine producers and their vintage Rose Perle or the more affordable Rose Brut are both memorable pairing for duck breasts. It has the requisite balance of fruitiness, minerality and acidity that really sparks with a dish like a duck.


A well-balanced Syrah is a beautiful complement to duck meat. The velvety mouthfeel, up-front floral and blackberry fruit, and terroir-driven elements of tar, chocolate, and pepper in the background is what counters the juicier and gamier meat of the duck.

Ranch Zinfandel

There are many wines that can support duck breast but the lithe, smooth and layered qualities of the Ranch Zinfandel with multi-layered velvety zins that have so many sides to them which build another character to the rich and salty duck meat in the palette.

There you go, you have your list of wines with the basics to pair it duck.