When you have a special occasion coming up, a cake is often the most important part of the party. Cakes are the centre of many different events. Birthdays, weddings, and baby showers all require the serving of a cake. Even a small gathering often consists of a cake, cupcakes, or cookies. When you need to hire a specialist to prepare the perfect cake, it is important to do your research beforehand. There are many variables that apply to the search for a quality bakery.


Looks are important, but a cake is useless if it cannot be eaten. Some bakeries spend so much time making works of art that the cakes are barely edible. The taste should be phenomenal. When you purchase from a bakery, the flavour should make you want to go back again and again. This should be a cake you can’t make at home or get anywhere else. Find a bakery that offers taste testing of the different flavours. Most bakeries that deal with large events, like weddings, have a sample tray just for this purpose. You can also purchase a few smaller items from several different bakeries and have your own taste test at home with family and friends.

The Design

A quality cake bakery in Preston knows how to design a beautiful cake. Find a bakery that has a lot of versatility in this area. You should be able to ask for pictures of cakes made for past events. Most bakeries also have a book with designs to choose from. These may be common designs for things like birthdays and graduations. You should also be able to take a picture in with you of a style you like. Many talented bakers can also design something unique when you give them the theme or information about the party. These type of artists often present you with a sketch of their design before they continue with the project.


Some cakes can simply be picked up by the client and taken to the party destination. Cakes for weddings, however, are a different story entirely. These cakes are often incredibly large, consisting of several layers and tiers. They must be transported properly to avoid destruction. Most people do not have time to pick up a wedding cake on their special day either. Makes sure the bakery you choose can deliver promptly on the day of the event. Many also deliver for smaller gatherings like surprise parties and baby showers.

Choosing a bakery is an important part of a large celebration. Most people look forward to this delicious dessert from the moment they get invited. Be sure you do not disappoint them by choosing a poor-tasting cake or desert. Try some samples, get help with the design, and secure a timely delivery.