Amsterdam is an excellent, vibrant city and it is the main city from the Netherlands. Although it has acquired prestige because of its marijuana cafes and poor stance on prostitution, it’s also among the earliest metropolitan areas in Europe and boasts a lot of culture. Among the best steps you can take while there’s mind on lower to a couple of from the famous cafes for any hit of culture, great drink and food and individuals watching.


Hidden inside a small alley close to the Dam Square, this coffee shop has three gorgeous wood-paneled floors to spend time in. Should you mind to the top small, it will be decorated with live marijuana plants, which may be an excitement to newcomers. The ambiance is lovely and also the view in the top is wonderful. If you are not scared of heights, skip to the top floor and appear lower with the glass partition completely lower down floor!

Barney’ Breakfast Bar

This really is one is ideal for early risers, because it opens sooner than most cafes as well as serves (as you would assume in the name) fantastic breakfasts. Also, since they are up close to the stop, Barney’s is a great spot to go when you initially hit town and little else has opened up yet.

La Canna

A sizable, impressive coffee shop boasting three floors, a billiards room, restaurant as well as rooms to book! The services are particularly good and a great spot for watching people: just end up a seat through the second-floor home windows for any great view out within the busy roads.


Famous not because of its food nor its ambiance, but instead because of its owner, Popeye’s is one thing different! Popeye themself may be the owner – a jovial, chatty guy who loves nothing much better than communicating with his customers, hanging out and greeting and welcoming everyone. Great if you are feeling just a little disillusioned!


A part of a little chain with four locations around town. The initial location is most likely the very best, boasting great service, wonderful drinks and food along with a classy, Indian-themed atmosphere. Pay just attention when searching for this, or you will miss it!