When you need to keep your employees ready for anything, the right executive handsets will help make that goal reachable. Sleek new handsets, with a beautiful design, will help your business look more professional and run with greater efficiency. Therefore, you cannot cut corners when making this type of investment, because having the best equipment for your team means opening up to greater opportunities in the future. Look for handsets that offer a range of connectivity options, from connecting to your phone system via Wi-Fi, to fast and simple call handovers to your smartphone. Whether your business revolves around heavy traffic on the phone, or utilises handsets to keep important employees in contact with each other, the right equipment can be customised to suit your needs.

Interworking through Wi-Fi

When you get the right phone system installed in your office, you simply need to install an app on your smartphone to move received calls on your desk phone, to your smartphone. The same can be done in reverse, making it seamless and easy to move from the office to your car and back again without ever having to call your client or coworker back. You can also transition calls from a Wi-Fi environment to your smartphone without interrupting that call, making it possible to perform all the necessary duties of your job without inconveniencing anyone along the way. The convenience you enjoy, and the time you save, may make the difference between capturing an important client and watching them move onto another company.

Awards Matter

When looking for a new phone system, consider Commander Centre – Samsung phone systems for small businesses. Samsung phone systems received the Good Design Award in 2015, and its design utilises a distinctive floating handset that makes it simple to pick up, from any angle or direction. In addition, you can enjoy the convenience of buttons that are grouped according to their function. Features that are used most often, such as conference calling, call transferring, volume control, hold, and re-dial are easier to reach. This means you, your employees, and their clients will enjoy working with fewer interruptions and greater ease. Awards are given to such companies for a reason, and they are a sure sign that you can rely upon these companies to offer excellence without exception.

Wired and Wireless

The right handsets were designed with business executives and their many responsibilities in mind, and they offer a secure Wi-Fi technology, and many other advanced features. This is to ensure communications are high quality and reliable every single time a call is taken or sent out. The right phone can be wired or connected wirelessly and supports 2.4/5GHz dual band 802.11n Wi-Fi. A professional black and grey appearance adds to the professionalism and overall beauty of your office. When it comes to impressing clients, and keeping employee work seamless, every little detail counts. Clients want to know that you are willing to invest in their convenience and do what it takes to make your services more efficient. The right phone systems will ensure this is the case.