Fajitas are an issue in Mexico, and also the authentic ones are a little more about layered flavors compared to yellow cheeses and sour creams you will find within their Tex-Mex variety. It is really an authentic shrimp fajitas recipe from real Mexican cuisine, also it includes three primary chapters: creating a garnish, cooking a couple of shrimp, and whipping up some salsa to decorate the fajitas. This dish can appear hot because of the chile serrano, so leave that out if you are intolerant toward spicy foods, but authentic Mexican food is renowned for its chilies, and so i really counsel you to ensure that they’re within the dish, if you are opting for that authentic Mexican touch here, to have an authentic fajitas recipe! Let’s begin:

The Components You’ll Need (serves 4):

four tortillas (corn)

10 shrimp (size: medium)

a little bit of essential olive oil

half a medium-sized onion

two garlic clove cloves

1 chile serrano

1 bell pepper

Jugo Maggie or any kind of worcestershire sauce

(and whatever you will need to make pico de gallo salsa (do a google search to locate a recipe for this)


1) Warm up a pan to make your garnish (a medium size one).

Stove ought to be on between mediterranean and occasional, a allow the pan warm up while doing the next:

2) Help make your garnish:

Cut the main one bell pepper into lengthy strips, after which put them right into a bowl.

Chop up onion, then put it all in bowl with bell pepper slices.

Dice the 2 garlic clove cloves, adding to same bowl.

Cut 6 slivers off your serrano pepper, comprising in regards to a quarter from the total chile pepper and increase same bowl.

Mix 2 tablespoons of essential olive oil in to the bowl, completely.

Clean, peel, and devein your shrimp.

Add three squirts of worcestershire sauce to bowl, then dump everything into pan from step one (the preheated one) and sauté that mixture on medium heat. Do that before the onions really are a golden brown color and also the entire things smells scrumptious (so it will!) This will take roughly six minutes, so while you are waiting, will continue to third step.

When 6 minutes are up and also the mix has finished sautéing, incorperate your shrimp for this mix to prepare all of them with anything else. These shrimp should prepare fairly fast (< 2 minutes), so make sure you don’t burn them by leaving them on too long.

3) While your garnish is sautéing in the pan, prepare your pico de gallo salsa using a recipe for it (easy to find them online).

Once you’ve made it, check on your garnish and shrimp to see how they’re doing.

4) Warm tortillas in another pan on stove, remove, then garnish each with your shrimp mix, and finish each by dressing with your pico de gallo salsa.

And that’s really all there is to it! I really hope you enjoy this authentic chicken fajita recipe, and if so, you can find many more fantastic recipes online, like these tasty authentic Mexican recipes you can find right there. Whatever you fancy serving on your dinner table, keep trying new recipes, and enjoy this one!