The idea that McDonald’s offers only unhealthy fatty meal plays out. Nowadays you can find various salads and beverages beneficial to your health in the menu of this fast food café. The smoothie is among them. Do you like this cocktail? We are sure you know it. This is a mixture of fruits, berries or vegetables with milk, yogurt or ice water. A pleasant and healthy thick drink can be served for breakfast and it is usually added to various diets.

Why is it good?

The smoothie is full of fiber and that is its main difference from the fresh juices which also contain a pack of vitamins and minerals but have no fiber at all. This substance is needed for the proper operation of your digestive system and helps to boost the immunity. Moreover, it fills the stomach for a long time and helps you to forget about the hunger. Its amount in your beverage depends on the components you choose. Usually all the ingredients which have skin and seeds provide it. Banana can also be a good source of fiber if it is not peeled.

Considering the fact that almost all fruits, berries and vegies are full of vitamins and minerals, you can use all of them or choose those which suit you most. The value of your smoothie will depend on its composition and proportion of all components. Remember that the producer can add sugar, honey and other additions to the beverage to make it tastier and more attractive for the consumers. Besides, all these things increase the nutritional value and caloric power that is why if you try to keep your weight under control, you should consider this issue – simply find out the recipe.

What does McDonald’s offer?

McDonald’s definitely is not famous for its low calories recipes. You will hardly find here a lot of dishes for fitness gurus. But still there are some and one of the most delicious and popular healthy choices are their strawberry banana smoothie. It is perfect really! And you can get rid of excessive kilos drinking it instead of desserts, for example. It is healthy indeed, being a low caloric snack and can be compared with the same beverage in Dunkin Donuts. They don’t peel bananas, take only fresh tasty strawberry and add apple juice. So, you can visit the McDonalds, if you want some healthy snack. Banana in smoothie is rich in potassium helping your heart working in a proper way. This microelement is needed in your organism very much reducing the risks of some diseases. Strawberry itself is extremely useful in particular for women. It contains antioxidants, vitamin C and folic acid needed for a woman’s youth and health. This berry improves the heart activity, sense of vision and boosts brain function. All together they work without failure.

You can do it at home

The smoothie is made in a very simple way that is why you can do it at home. All that you need to have is a blender. This appliance is irreplaceable because it facilitates a long range of operations in the kitchen. It is able to mince the small products being equipped with sharp blade inside the jug. It makes perfect smooth pure and liquidizes the juicy fruits and vegetables in no time making a thick silky mass. Depending on its power and capacity you can mix various components creating new flavors every day. All the operations often do not take more than a minute. The quick and simple result is exactly what you will have with this domestic machine. The different models have various features. In order to make smoothie, you will not have any tricks. The high speed and sharp blades will be enough.

We advise you to try McDonalds strawberry banana smoothie consisting of these two fruits and crushed ice. It is good for breakfast!