Most bread presses are designed to press and grill sandwiches of various types, but the mighty press may be used for a wide variety of surprisingly diverse dishes. For example, it can be used to bake a cake in a ramekin. If you love trying new things in the kitchen and eliminating the time it takes to cook food properly, you need only open your mind to your press’s hidden capabilities. After all, you love to cook and your family loves to eat your dishes. It is time you show them the new tricks you can learn to keep their stomachs full even with a busy schedule.

Homemade Waffle Cones

Simply by mixing up some quick batter and placing it inside your press, you can create delicious and fresh waffle cones fit to hold any type of frozen treat. Whether you love a scoop of chocolate ice cream or enjoy frozen fruit smoothies, this is a great way for you to save money and control what goes into every aspect of your meal. This is also a great idea for an activity to do with your children in the kitchen. Mixing batter is a messy task that children love, and to see their hard work end in a delicious cold treat will give them a sense of closing satisfaction.

Sandwich-Ready Bacon

Bacon has a bad habit of curling up when it is cooked in a skillet, forcing you to cook too much just to enjoy a full sandwich of bacon goodness. However, a sandwich press allows you to cook your bacon all the way through without worrying about its curling nature. The press cooks the bacon completely, and you can hold it in for a minute or two longer to ensure it gets the perfect crispy edge to it. Once finished, you will have perfectly flat bacon ready to fill every bite of your food with delicious, salty flavour.


Shredded potatoes are a delicious addition to any meal, and your press can ensure they are perfectly browned and crisped on each side. Whether you prefer them to be only lightly cooked or burned to a crunchy cake, you will enjoy delectable potatoes with every meal in a matter of minutes.

You may also simply season whole, small potatoes and press them for a fantastically seasoned side dish. Simply season peeled or unpeeled potatoes to taste, place them in the press, and cook until they are soft throughout. Whatever you choose to pair them with, these amazing side options will have beautiful grill marks on each side, a crisp skin, and perfectly softened insides.

Grilled Chicken

Having the time and space to grill chicken can be difficult, if not impossible, in the middle of the city. However, a press will allow you to enjoy everything you love about grilled chicken, from the grill marks to the healthier options, without having to make an extra purchase. In addition, it only takes about four minutes to cook a 1.5cm chicken breast to perfection. Marinate it in barbeque sauce, rub it down with spices, or simply cook it how it comes, but whatever you do, it will turn out absolutely amazing.