Many Muslims are very particular about the foods that they eat. It is important for a Muslim to only eat Halal foods. The Quran does not allow for the consumption of certain foods, such as the meat of pigs and alcoholic substances. Many parts from a pig are used in different items, like candies and toffees. Gelatin, a common material derived from processing the meat of a pig, is used in making sweets. It is obviously not allowed for Muslims to consume foods that contain such materials. Common foods that are banned in Islam include:

  • Ham
  • All types of intoxicating substances
  • Dog meat

If you are a Muslim and want to buy sweets, you should check the Roch Sweets. For people who want to order Halal sweets in bulk quantities, here are just a few things that you should keep in mind.

Check for the Halal Tag

The best thing that you can do when ordering sweets is to check for the “Halal” certification given on the bag of sweets. Just pick up the packet and turn it around, and you will probably find the Halal logo near the ingredients. If the Halal logo is not present, you should generally avoid ordering the toffees.

Contact the Company

If you really want to play it safe, you can email the manufacturer and find out whether their products are Halal or not. This will give you the peace of mind that you need before you start consuming the sweets.